The Juicy Ribeye Cookbook

-Lori Oliver

Woman reading cookbook and drinking coffee, crop

When I say, “I read a book…” don’t believe me.  I don’t read books.  I collect books, cookbooks primarily, and I have thousands of books, including a very large collection of old math books—the nerdiest books you ever laid eyes on.  Most of my books were bargain books, but a few are special in some way and in a moment of madness, I agreed to shell out upwards of $30 for a few of them, while most were twenty-five cents to a dollar, or free.  Still, that is thousands of dollars’ worth of books based on an uncounted estimate of over 3,000.  I chose the title, “The Juicy Ribeye Cookbook” to lure you into my net.

As I was saying, I read a book, which is to say I listened to a book on Audible, entitled, “The Carnivore Code.”  The author is a doctor, a cardiologist in fact, named Paul Saladino.  I find it rather humorous that a man whose argument is plants are trying to kill you has “salad’ in his name.  He lays out, with waaaay too much science, chemistry, botany, biology, anthropology, and [insert one more nerdy science specialty here] to support his theory that humans are carnivorous, not omnivorous as we’ve been told.  Or sold, as the case may be.

Let me say, I will not tolerate any pushback on this, because a) I am not trying to convince you to eat only meat (yes, I am), and b) I give zero craps about what you stick into your body, food or otherwise (that part is true).  I am going to gently take your face, if you’ll let me, and slowly turn your head to make you look at something that will challenge your beliefs.  Read on, but only if you dare.

The human brain evolved away from other primates when we started eating other animals as a primary food source.  Early man ate whatever they could get their hands on.  Some of the foods they ate killed them—some with claws and teeth, and some with poison.  Plants can’t run, which means they can’t get away from predators, floods, or fire.  They can’t roam, which means they can’t wander about looking for a mate with which to propagate.  They use animals, water, and wind to scatter their seeds.  Plants are designed with chemical and physical safeguards specifically designed to make them deadly, unpalatable, and/or painful to collect while also possessing attractive features such as beautiful fruits, a compelling aroma, and a sweet taste that attracts birds and other animals to aid in plant propagation.  Plants aren’t here to provide building blocks for the human body.  Likewise, humans to nothing for the benefit of the plants we eat.  We coexist—except for the part where mankind has learned how to exploit plants for human gain.  But nutritionally, we have a better alternative.

Animals are made of the same stuff humans are made of:  blood, bones, skin, flesh…and fat.  And it is in the fat where the magic lies.  Fat is slow to burn which means you don’t get hungry as often after a fatty meal as a carbohydrate meal.  Early man could live for long periods without food if the previous meal was fatty.  Organ meat provided all the nutrients needed, yes, even vitamin C.  The brain prefers fat, so the brain grew.  And over millennia, humans got brainier.  They honed their hunting and fishing skills, made tools, learned to cook, and later preserve, meat.  Bison kept man alive where berries could not.

Leap forward to the current era, and we see the health and wellness of humanity suffering from nutritional illness.  Wheat, corn syrup and white sugar account for most of our calories, which some folks still count, not realizing that counting calories is like counting the hairs on your head.  If you shave your head, yes, you’ll have less hair, but you’ll also be bald.  If you cut calories, you will lose weight, but you’re doing it by starvation.  Don’t do that.  Instead, teach your body to return to its primal state where ‘fat adaptation’ was the key to survival and health.  To do this eat mostly fat, a variety of meats, eggs and zero plants…except pepper.  When your body adapts to this way of eating it will burn fat for energy and this is called fat adaptation.  Carbs will no longer attract your interest.  And you’ll find yourself not needing food for many, many hours, sometimes days.  And your body will change its shape as your fat stores are used as fuel stores.  Some carnivores eat one meal a day and others eat only when they are hungry—the clock having no part of it.  Salt is essential, water is essential, meat and fat are essential…and plants are not essential.  Plants are trying to kill you.

I am going to remove my hands from your face now.  You can turn your head away.  Honestly, I don’t care what you eat.  I just wanted to show you something I stumbled on that has changed my life…for the better…and if you try it, I would like to know if you are happy that you looked.