Soroptimist Spirit of Success

-Lori Oliver

“Successful people are those who can build a strong foundation using the bricks others have thrown at them.”

This pretty much captures the Soroptimist spirit, don’t you think? I have stayed hundreds of miles away from the club long before social distancing was even a thing! Some members have never seen my face. They have only read the blogs I submit to the wonderful, magical ‘PLAN AHEAD’ that appears wonderfully and magically in our inboxes each month. I guess some gal named Doris slams it together in her spare time, or something, I dunno. You could say, lacking a physical presence, I am a Soroptimist in spirit only, so as I see it this gives me the power to hone in on what the Soroptimist spirit is. To my mind, the Soroptimist spirit is an energy field fed by the generous hearts of a group of women and supportive men who make the most out of what they have, or can muster. Then they turn right around and share that bounty with others. They convert loose bricks into a strong foundation.

One member opens her home for a Christmas dinner and auction. The other members pay to attend, bring gifts to auction off, and then turn right around and buy gifts from one another. Money happens. That money is turned over to support a worthy cause. Loose bricks, strong foundation.

A group of members work together to plan future activities and meetings; they meet important financial deadlines, keep track of ‘the bricks’ as they come in and draw plans for the foundation that is to be. Like mortar, they keep our club together.

All the members participate in some way or another – as bringers of bricks, makers of mortar, or builders of our strong foundation. And none of it would happen without the power of the Soroptimist spirit.
What strength you all possess.