House of Hope

Soroptimist House of Hope

Soroptimist of Palm Desert founded, established and continues to support Soroptimist House of Hope, a substance abuse treatment program for women and Hope’s Horizons, which is a transitional living facility for women who have completed their program.
Dear SHOH, Thank you for opening your home to me when I had lost all hope. I was bewildered and in awe with the love and encouragement I received from the moment I entered your home. I had NEVER felt such genuine love and encouragement. I felt such a peace in your home. I was able to heal the lonely, scared little girl in me as I learned so much about myself. I found out that little girl S, was full of life. She is smart, graceful, and humorous and loves to learn and help others. Thanks to you founders, for your home of hope, staff that possess big caring, giving hearts and wisdom. May God bless you all in all areas of your life.
Sincerely, S. R.
Dear SHOH I want to thank you for giving me a new life, another chance to get it right and live right. To recover my life back from this disease. You taught me how to put God and my recovery first and everything else falls into place. I really can trust that God will provide. I have had many hopeless days in my life but I can tell you the moment I stepped into the house, I felt at peace. Thank you. I can begin my journey to live a clean and sober lifestyle that you have shown me Here at the House of Hope. I can now have the peace and tranquility I had been praying for.
Sincerely Y.G.
Dear SHOH, I want to start off by saying thank you, thank you so much for this house. This house has made a change in my life. It’s opened my eyes and showed me that there is hope for an addict and it is never too late to change our lives around. I am worth it even if I have a drug problem. Being an addict is hard because I constantly got put down, got judged for my mistakes I’ve made in my addiction. Words are words, they are painful. When I came to the house, I walked in not knowing what to expect and I had my mind set on what I was going to do. I didn’t belong here and I didn’t have a problem. But as time passed and I started to work on my steps, I was able to accept that I had a problem and that I was powerless over my addiction and I couldn’t do this alone. I needed help and the staff here loved me and helped me so much. I’m blessed and grateful to be part of this amazing family. As I’m getting ready to leave out into the world, I am a bit nervous but I got my box full of tools that I didn’t have before. I have a home that I can always come back to whenever I need help. It will always be here with its door open. Today I am proud to say I am an addict, I am an addict in recovery that’s grateful and blessed. Today, I have honesty, hope, faith, courage and integrity. Something I didn’t have before I came in. I walked in with pride and denial. Now I get to walk out of here proud of myself and that’s all because of this house and the amazing, loving staff. Thank you so much for everything. I’m grateful to be a part of the House of Hope family.
Dear SHOH, I want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to come to House of Hope. I also want to express my gratitude as I realize how fortunate I am to have the loving treatment that I desperately needed. Here, I was able to learn how to breathe. I’ve stopped beating myself up. I’ve forgiven myself and I’m able to smile when I look in the mirror. This is all because of your compassionate staff (my counselor Cindi is amazing). I’ve been given the chance to learn about soe of my trauma. I no longer will allow it to define me. I can embrace my memories of my dad. Your staff helped me there as well. Again, I thank you from teh bottom of my heart for giving me the hope when I felt hopeless. Sincerely, M.A. P.S. I had no idea how to cook when I arrived. I do NOW! I completed 3 months and the curriculum was never repeated. The groups were modern and very informative for me. The staff, each and every one of them, had different, compassionate qualities that reflected love as well as empathy for me.