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Lori Oliver
Woman reading cookbook and drinking coffee, crop

The Juicy Ribeye Cookbook

When I say, “I read a book…” don’t believe me.  I don’t read books.  I collect books, cookbooks primarily, and I have thousands of books, including a very large collection

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Connect the Knots

I live alone. I dine alone. I shop for one. I sleep in a twin-size bed. Everything in my closet is mine and mine alone. I’m the only signer on

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Weather or Not

Minnesota weather…think fast! Did you think of snow? Or did your mind go to hot and  sticky summer humidity? Well, if you were here this past week you thought of

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A Unicorn Story

Have you ever heard the expression: “When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras”? I had heard the expression…but its full meaning had been lost on me until recently. My

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Soroptimist Spirit of Success

“Successful people are those who can build a strong foundation using the bricks others have thrown at them.” This pretty much captures the Soroptimist spirit, don’t you think? I have

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San Francisco

I’ve been to San Francisco many times. Over the years I’ve seen it go from a beautiful metropolis and vibrant commercial center, to a city under construction 24/7, with too

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Were you born in a barn?

I live in barn country. Silo country. Truck country. Yes, Minnesota is the Land of 10,000 Trucks. My whole life I thought the expression “Were you born in a barn?”

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