-Lori Oliver

Sung to the tune of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

I want to go out
Baby, there’s germs out there
I’m starting to pout
A new strain of germs out there

I’m climbing the walls
I see you chewed your nails off
I’m going mad
I’ll hold your hand but please don’t bite

My therapist’s going to worry
So give a call to Doc D. Churry
My doctor will be charging me double
Just listen to the Champagne bubble

No, really, I’m going crazy
I’d drive you but I’m just too lazy
Well, maybe just a touch of brandy
I’ll grab the mugs, the brandy’s handy

I can’t taste the booze
Baby, how does it smell
The flavor’s not there
Oh crap! ‘Rona’s got your tongue

I feel like crap
Your eyes and face are glowing red
I need to lay down
Your fever is really spiking

I need to take this filthy mask off
Mind if I leave your house now
Please hang on for just one minute more
I’ll stay till the doctor arrives
I’m breaking a sweat
Great, here she is now…Baby, I’ll be outside