-Lori Oliver

I love thinking about how long Soroptimist has existed. At its founding in 1921 my dad was in diapers, learning to walk. My mom wouldn’t be born for two more years. My grandmother would not have been eligible to join – she was too young. Her mother would not have been eligible either – she was not a businesswoman. It is unlikely that any of them ever heard the word “Soroptimist” until I joined in 1994. Then and now it is not a “household word”.

True story, my membership barely made it to 1995. At a member recruitment event we went around the room saying why we loved being in Soroptimist – and I re-recruited myself! If you’re ever feeling iffy about being a club member, focusing on its benefits can really straighten out your thinking.

I wonder if the originators of the first Soroptimist club in Alameda, California knew their organization would carry on for 100 years? Honestly, I don’t believe they looked that far ahead in those days. Future-think is more of a 50’s phenomenon. I’ll bet they would be gobsmacked at how far their organization has come – and they would be so proud of themselves – and us.
Now is the time for us to engage in future-think. What will Soroptimist look like in 100 years?